Thursday, May 10, 2007


A co-worker of mine made the suggestion that if a movie is made about Adam Dunn, Will Ferrell should get the title role. Definitely an apropos choice.

But the title of this post is not in reference to a Will Ferrell movie. Got you there, didn't I? It is the German word for the number eleven which is the number of home runs Dunn has this season. Verstehen Sie?

The home run today came off Matt Albers who is not the earliest pitcher in alphabetical order that Dunn has homered off. Terry Adams holds that distinction. Albers is second. If you guessed that favorite victim Carlos Zambrano is last on that list, you would guess right.

This home run makes five straight against the Astros. Even still, the Astros are only fifth in home runs surrendered to Dunn, last among NL Central teams.

The Reds travel to the stadium that is home of Dunn's longest National League home run drought, Dodger Stadium. The last time Dunn hit a home run there was May 2, 2002. 184 home runs have flown off of Dunn's bat at other stadia since then.

Lefty Randy Wolf starts game one of the series. Dunn hit home run #67 off him.

Brad Penny, author of home run #85 pitches the middle game and the series concludes with gigantic southpaw Mark Hendrickson wrapping it up. Dunn is 3 for 5 with a trio of singles lifetime against Hendrickson.

The 6'9" Hendrickson will become the tallest person to surrender a home run to Dunn, surpassing Daniel Cabrera and Ben Ford. Shane Nance is the shortest pitcher to be victimized by Dunn.

Dunn is all alone at 209 home runs right now. He passed Phil Nevin, Devon White and a favorite player of my childhood, Jason Thompson (208).


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