Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dynamic Duo

If the Reds could throw Aaron Harang every day and have Adam Dunn hit a homer, we'd be talking about them in the same breath as the 1927 Yankees and the 1906 Cubs. When Dunn homers in a game with Harang on the mound, the Reds are 18-4. The only other Reds pitcher to benefit from Dunn's homeruns ten or more times is Paul Wilson. When Wilson was on the mound and Dunn homered, the Reds were 10-5. Quite a difference.

The home run today was off of Shawn Chacon who is a native of Alaska so Dunn is showing a little equal opportunity now.

I'm going to be pessimistic about upcoming series now. When I was optimistic throughout April, Dunn was left homerless. I expressed doubts about this Pirates series and he belted two homers.

The Reds travel to Houston now where the ballpark resembles the Astrodome in ease of hitting home runs. Dunn will face the modern day equivalents of J.R. Richard, Mike Scott and Nolan Ryan; Matt Albers, perennial Cy Young candidate Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez.

Dunn last homered in Houston July 27 of last year off Taylor Buchholz.

Albers has a whole 27 major league innings under his belt. He faced Dunn last season, though. Walked him twice, struck him out twice, got him out one other time.

Oswalt gave up career home run number thirteen to Dunn all the way back in 2001. If memory serves, the park was still called Enron Field back then. Wow.

Wandy Rodriguez has faced Dunn in a game before. Dunn went 0 for 2 with a pair of walks. Dunn has homered off of Felix Rodriguez and would love to add another Rodriguez to the list of pitching victims.

Richie Hebner (203) is passed by Dunn.


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