Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is this a better Dunn?

Dunn got his fourth stolen base of the season last night but exhibited some of his old strikeout form by striking out three times, the first time he has done so this season. It was the 54th time in his career Dunn has struck out that many times. I say old form but to suggest he has a new form, when he has struck out 16 times in thirteen games, is a little fallacious.

Things have been quiet on the home run front. The walk front, too, which is unusual. Just five so far.

Now it is another two game stand (damn schedulers). The Astros come into Cincy throwing Chris Sampson and Woody Williams. Williams has given up four homers to Dunn in his career. Sampson faced Dunn for the first time last season and held him to an 0 for 2 game with a walk.


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