Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Adam Dunn, master of cloning

Adam Dunn hit a homer against the Astros today. He did the same thing two days before and five days before that and the day before that. This marks the second time in Dunn's career that he has hit four consecutive home runs against a team. On April 18th, 2005 Dunn hit a pair off of Kerry Wood. A week later he went deep off Chad Fox before wrapping up the run the following day against Carlos Zambrano (another kind of home run Dunn is fond of cloning).

Unfortunately, there is another streak going on. The Reds have lost the game the last three times Dunn has homered. This has not happened since a run of four losses in Dunn homer games from June 9-13 last year.

Back on May 2nd, I pointed out that Dunn had never homered with a runner on third with one out. Cross that off the "to do" list. Dunn's homer came after a Brandon Phillips triple and a Ken Griffey, Jr. line out.

Kirby Puckett and Richie Zisk (I miss Richie Zisk. Let's clone him) fall further down the career home run list (207)


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