Sunday, May 06, 2007

Running behind

Didn't update after homer #206 was hit on May 2nd, Dunn's third consecutive game with a home run.

The home run came off Roy Oswalt. Dunn homered off of Oswalt all the way back on August 30, 2001 (#13), a span of 2071 days between home runs. The previous longest span between homers off of a pitcher that Dunn had was 1454 days. Dunn hit his second home run ever against Brian Lawrence and then hit a pair (#'s 147 and 148) almost four years later.

This was also the ninth time in Dunn's career where he hit home runs in three consecutive games or better.

After going 0 for the Rockies, it is once again the Astros facing the Reds.

Oswalt gets the call for the first game followed by Wandy Rodriguez, Woody Williams and Matt Albers. We covered all but Williams just last series. Williams has been a favorite target of Dunn's. Four of his home runs have been of Williams' pitches.

Williams is Dunn's favorite double initial pitcher (W.W.). The others: Carmen Cali (2), Chad Cordero, Chris Capuano, Chris Carpenter, Clay Condrey, Doug Davis (2), Jason Jennings, Mark Mulder (3), Matt Morris, Mike Maroth and Scott Sauerbeck.

Dunn passes Ducky Joe Medwick at 205.

Who likes the little little duckies in the pond? I do, I do, I do, kachicka quack quack.


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