Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No waiting

After going the longest span between home runs against a pitcher, Dunn homered off Roy Oswalt at his next opportunity. Dunn hit a two out home run in the second inning of the Reds 5-4 loss to the Astros, just five days after he had homered off Oswalt in another losing effort. This was only the second time in his career that Dunn hit consecutive home runs off a pitcher that were not in the same game. Dunn hit home runs 125 and 126 off of the Cardinals' Carmen Cali, May 2nd and 4th of 2005.

Alex Gonzalez followed Dunn's homer with one of his own marking the first time Dunn had been part of back-to-back home runs since August 13th of last season.

Gus Bell, Pete Incaviglia, Bobby Abreu and Felipe Alou are passed. Dunn is three home runs away from entering the top 250 of all-time.


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