Sunday, April 15, 2007


Dunn did get a rest against a lefty although it was against Lilly and not Hill. No home runs in the two games in which he did play. No home runs by any Reds player since a Josh Hamilton blast in the eighth inning of the game Wednesday. Perhaps even more strange is that the only home run hit by either team this series was by Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano. Zambrano led all pitchers with six home runs last season.

The Reds come home for a pair against the Milwaukee Brewers. Chris Capuano, who surrendered home run #157 two years ago to Dunn, gets the start on the first game, Dave Bush starts the second game for the Brewers.

Last June, Dunn homered against the Brewers in all three games of a series at home against the Brewers. Perhaps not coincidentally, none of the three pitchers Dunn homered off of in that series (Doug Davis, Zach Jackson and Dan Kolb) are on the Brewers roster right now. Davis was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Kolb and Jackson are in the minors; Kolb in the Pirates organization, Jackson with Milwaukee.

For the heck of it, Dunn's home runs broken down by runners on base:

Solo homers: 115
One man on: 61
Two men on: 20
Grand slams: 6


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