Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Basking in 200

Some notable notes about Dunn's home runs yesterday:

- They were the earliest home runs Dunn has ever hit in the major leagues. His first home run last season was previous earliest (April 3) and it also was off Carlos Zambrano.

- It was Dunn's 17th multi-home run game and fifth against the Cubs.

- This was the eighth time in his career Dunn has homered off a single pitcher twice in a game (Glendon Rusch, Kerry Wood, Brian Lawrence, Jon Lieber, Wayne Franklin, Mark Mulder and Brett Tomko are the others)

- Dunn has hit as many home runs this April as he did last September.

- Aaron Harang got the win for the Reds. The last time Harang lost in a game Dunn homered in was June 12, 2006.

- Monday is no longer Dunn's worst day for hitting homers. He had only hit 20 on Monday and Thursday before yesterday. Saturdays are his best day (36).

Ted Lilly makes his less than triumphant return to the National League tomorrow (he was an Expo in 1999) and will hopefully be like his Cub brethren and surrender home runs to Dunn.


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