Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I don't think many people read this blog

At least members of the media do not. All this hype over whether or not Aaron will be on hand if Bonds passes 755 when they should be asking Aaron his feelings about Dunn. He's on pace for an 80 homer season which puts him just six seasons short of Aaron's total at that pace.

The media also made a bit of a deal over the fact that this was the first time Dunn homered in the same game that Josh Hamilton homered. Not sure why the hype over that.

The Reds lost in extra innings, the first time this season they lost in a game where Dunn homered and the first time since September 2 of last year.

While we're continuing on other people's communication mistakes, I'm not keen about Dunn being dropped back into the third spot in the lineup but no one from the Reds has contacted me about my opinion.

Buddy Bell and Gene Tenace (201) not on hand to watch Dunn pass them.


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