Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello, new season!!!

You know what I was saying about Dunn batting second? Based on a sample size of Opening Day, I'm thinking it's a good thing. Two homers in two at bats off of the Chicago Cubs' Carlos Zambrano. Granted it is the Cubs, the providers of exactly 15% of Dunn's 200 home runs. And with these two, Zambrano now is tied with Glendon Rusch for most home runs surrendered. So maybe it is a little early. Here are Dunn's career home run rates by batting order spot (HR/PA) to ponder:

1: 10.0%
2: 5.9%
3: 4.9%
4: 5.1%
5: 6.5%
6: 6.0%
7: 6.0%
8: 0.0%
9: 4.8%

Heck, maybe just have to move him up to the leadoff spot. Well, the game's not over yet but I had to write because I'm excited about #200!!!!.

Cesar Cedeno, Jackie Jensen, Jorge Posada (199), Jose Cruz, and Barry Larkin (198) are passed by Dunn.


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