Sunday, April 08, 2007

Warm weather

The Reds have left cold Cincinnati for the warmth of Arizona. Dunn, who hails from Texas, will hopefully find the heat conducive to home run hitting. If not, the pitches of Doug Davis should prove tantalizing.

Davis, who joined the Diamondbacks in a trade, could join Kevin Millwood as the only pitchers to allow home runs to Dunn as a member of three different teams. Davis gave up #65 as a member of the Blue Jays in a 2003 interleague game and then gave up #180 playing for the Brewers.

Edgar Gonzalez and Micah Owings start the next two games for the Diamondbacks. Gonzalez surrendered home run #111 to Dunn in 2004.

Owings pitched a dandy game for his major league debut...or was it extended spring training? It was against the Nationals so you decide. Owings will face some higher competition in the NL Central contender Reds.

The home run Gonzalez gave up was the last time Dunn hit a home run in Arizona (August 29, 2004).


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