Thursday, August 31, 2006

If you can't say something nice

It's been eight days since I last posted which is just too darn long. Start hitting some homers, Adam!!!

August is ending and so I decided to post the best months by Dunn for hitting home runs. First, his best monthly totals in a year:

April: 9 (2003 and 2006)
May: 9 (2003)
June: 11 (2004)
July: 11 (2005)
August: 12 (2001)
September: 5 (2004)
October: 2 (2001)

Doesn't bode well for my posting the rest of the year, does it? Five homers in his best month after August 31st?!?! Yikes!

Monthly totals:
April: 37
May: 35
June: 35
July: 33
August: 38
September: 14
October: 4

Even uglier. 18 homers in the final month plus of the season. His September doubles totals are his second highest for any month coming into this season. Perhaps the length of the season starts to wear on Dunn. His monthly homer totals are surprisingly symmetric except for the end of the season. Here's hoping he can hit twenty this September and make thing all nice and pretty.


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