Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Supporting actor

The Reds played the Astros last night and a Bengals-Texans game broke out. The Astros could have used either Reggie Bush or Mario Williams as they could neither score not stop the scoring of the Big Red Machine. The Reds finally triumphed by a score of 14-0.

Kyle "I may have had a 7 ERA in the American League, but now that I'm pitching in the AAAA NL Central, I look like Cy Young" Lohse blanked the Astros and Adam Dunn hit a three run homer in the third inning for number 38 on the season.

Lohse is the 13th pitcher to be on the mound for the Reds when Dunn hits a home run this year. Considering that the Reds have used 23 relief pitchers alone, I thought this number was a little low. Here's who has been pitching when Dunn hit his suppporting blasts.

Bronson Arroyo 9
Aaron Harang 7
Elizardo Ramirez 4
Eric Milton and Dave Williams 3
Todd Coffey, Kent Mercker, Chris Hammond and Brandon Claussen 2
Rick White, Mike Burns, Matt Belisle and Kyle Lohse 1

In retrospect, the number probably isn't low as relievers pitch fewer innings.

Lifetime, Aaron Harang has benefitted the most from Adam Dunn's home run hitting. Nineteen of Dunn's home runs have come while Harang was on the Hill. Paul Wilson (15), Jimmy Haynes (10), Bronson Arroyo and Danny Graves (9) round out the top five.

The list of 46 Reds pitchers who have been supported by Dunn's home runs reads like a Who's Who The Heck Is That list. The five pitchers with the most wins in their careers are:

Jose Rijo 116
Eric Milton 87
Cory Lidle 80
Ramon Ortiz 77
Joey Hamilton 74

Now that's a rotation! Adam Dunn is going to need to play for a team with some pitching if he wants a World Series before his career is over.

Toby Harrah and Jay Bell strewn along the wayside (195)


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