Monday, August 21, 2006

Evil clones

Against the Pittsburgh Pirates last night, Adam Dunn homered off of Victor Santos. Santos becomes the 9th pitcher whom Dunn has homered off of more than once while the pitcher was on different teams. The list (with career home run numbers):

Doug Davis: Blue Jays (65) and Brewers (180)
Shawn Estes: Cubs (46) and Rockies (105)
Josh Fogg: Pirates (74, 93 and 132) and Rockies (169)
Kent Mercker: Rockies (43) and Cubs (79)
Kevin Millwood: Braves (28), Phillies (50 and 66) and Indians (130)
Tomo Ohka: Expos (88) and Brewers (144 and 154)
Glendon Rusch: Brewers (27, 36 and 61) and Cubs (117, 161 and 162)
Victor Santos: Brewers (114) and Pirates (195)
Woody Williams: Cardinals (6, 99 and 109) and Padres (149)

Four of the above fellow are lefthanded pitchers (Davis, Estes, Mercker and Rusch). All this goes to show that it doesn't matter where you go, how much time has passed or what arm you throw with, Adam Dunn will hit a home run off of you.

And with this most recent homer, Dunn passes Jeff Heath (194)


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