Monday, July 17, 2006

Thirtieth of the year

And number 188 of the career, passing B.J. Surhoff and Darrell Porter on the all-time list.

This is the third straight season that Dunn has hit at least thirty home runs. The dates of his thirtieth home run in the previous two seasons:

2004: August 4 off Brett Tomko
2005: July 29 off Brian Lawrence

Dunn's home run yesterday was off of Tom Martin, the first ever he has hit off of Martin. The last eight home runs Dunn has hit have been the first home runs he has hit off that particular pitcher.

Longer streaks of unique pitcher home runs by Dunn:
Homers 1-25 (#26 served by Ruben Quevedo, server of #15)
Homers 27-35 (#36 by Glendon Rusch who allowed #27)
Homers 37-49 (#50 and #28 by Kevin Millwood)
Homers 67-76 (#77 and #51 courtesy of Kerry Wood)

The last home run Dunn hit off a pitcher whom he had hit a home run off of previously was Doug Davis on June 13, 2006. Dunn has homered off of 141 unique pitchers. 26 pitchers have surrendered two or more home runs to him.


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