Thursday, May 11, 2006


The marathon that is the baseball season already took its toll on this blog. It's sort of hard to want to worry about following the day to day activities of Adam Dunn when the ultimate objective, Hank Aaron's career total, is quite a long way away. Also, what the heck do I write about in the offseason? What sort of content is interesting on a daily basis? Plus, since I do no publicizing of this thing, I don't know if anyone is reading, making the expenditure of energy questionable, at least beyond the level where I gain personal enjoyment. So that's why I haven't posted in a while. That and not feeling like writing a blog.

Since the last update, Dunn has slugged five home runs. The first was a two-run blow off Houston's Taylor Buchholz on April 30th. Two days later, the Cardinals Sidney Ponson served up a solo shot.

On May 4th, Dunn hit his third straight home run in the sixth inning as he led the inning off with a solo homer off of Colorado's Josh Fogg.

May 7th, Dunn homered at Chase Ballpark in Arizona, his first there since the renaming of the field. He also added a three-run double in the Reds victory. Orlando Hernandez gave up all five runs to Dunn.

Dunn made sure no Hernandez was safe last night, hitting a two-run home run off of the Nationals' Livan Hernandez. This was Dunn's first home run against the Nationals. It was also the fourth Hernandez Dunn has hit a home run off of in his career. Carlos served up career #12, Roberto #63, Orlando #170 and Livan #171.

Tonight Dunn faces Zach Day, a Cincinnati native. Day recently joined the Nationals after a horrible stint in Colorado. In 2004, Day pitched for the Nationals' previous incarnation, the Montreal Expos. Dunn homered in consecutive starts off him, hitting home run #87 at home and number 84 at Stade Olympique.


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