Thursday, April 20, 2006

Homers Brewing

Adam Dunn took his second straight 0 fer collar yesterday, being retired in three at bats but walking twice. The Reds travel to Milwaukee to begin a series with the Brewers today. Next to Wrigley Field, Dunn has hit the most road home runs (7) at Miller Park. He faces Tomo Ohka in the first game of the series. Dunn hit career #88 off of Ohka when Ohka was a member of the Montreal Expos. As a Brewer, Ohka served up career home runs #144 and #154. All three home runs came with no men on base.

Getting completely silly, Ohka is one of three pitchers whose last letter of his first name is the first letter of his last name that has surrendered home runs to Dunn (Brett Tomko and Al Leiter).


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