Monday, April 17, 2006

That's all of them

Sure enough, Dunn homered off of Brian Moehler in the first inning. The game is still going on as of this writing but Dunn has been removed in a double switch. The Marlins were the only National League team that Dunn had not homered off of at home (treating the Nationals as the Expos). Dunn has now homered on three consecutive days. His personal best is four straight days, August 4-7, 2004.

The Reds take on the mighty Marlins again tomorrow. Jason Vargas is on the mound for the Fish. Not surprisingly, being as most of the Marlins have only played eleven games in the majors, Dunn has not had the opportunity to smack a dinger off of Vargas. The bad news for Vargas is that Dunn's favorite targets are named Jason (or Kevin or Glendon). He has hit six home runs apiece against guys with those first names. Lucky number seven should come tomorrow.


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