Thursday, April 13, 2006

Slow start

I half-heartedly expected Dunn to hit a home run every day and so was disappointed when he faced Greg Maddux et al yesterday and failed to hit one out, resulting in no post yesterday evening.

But, despite my Dunnrealistic (thanks, Eric) expectation that he would hit homer after homer, I will continue to delude myself and think that there is an automatic readership that wants, nay NEEDS, to know more about Dunn and his home run accomplishments. So for you, dear readers, I will plod on.

Dunn faces Carlos Zambrano today and has three career home runs off him, all in April, including one this season, a solo shot on April 3rd. Last year's, on April 26th, was the only one Dunn has hit off of Zambrano at Wrigley. With an hour until game time there is currently a strong wind blowing out to right at Wrigley which should help to Dunn.


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