Monday, July 10, 2006

How long has it been

Adam Dunn's most recent home run at each NL road ballpark:

Turner Field: July 9, 2006 off Oscar Villarreal
Miller Field: July 5, 2006 off Derrick Turnbow
Busch Stadium: June 6, 2006 off Josh Hancock
Wrigley Field: May 29, 2006 off Scott Eyre
Chase Field: May 7, 2006 off Orlando Hernandez
Coors Field: May 5, 2006 off Josh Fogg
PNC Park: August 26, 2005 off Mark Redman
Petco Park: July 31, 2005 off Woody Williams
AT&T Park: July 5, 2005 off Noah Lowry (called SBC Park at the time)
Citizens Bank Park: May 14, 2005 off Ryan Madson
Shea Stadium: June 22, 2004 off Matt Ginter
Dolphins Stadium: June 1, 2004 off Nate Bump (called Pro Player Stadium at the time)
Minute Maid Park: August 24, 2002 off Tom Gordon
Dodger Stadium: May 2, 2002 off Odalis Perez
RFK Stadium: None (homered at Stade Olympique on May 29, 2004 off Zach Day)

Dunn has hit seventy home runs on the road, fifteen of them at Wrigley Field, since the last time he homered at Dodger Stadium. Since that time two ballparks in which he had hit home runs changed their name, one team switched countries, and Dunn hit homers in four American League ballparks. Dunn will have three chances at most this year, from August 28th to August 30th, to make his most recent Dodger Stadium home run more current.


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